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At CP TECH we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We are committed to using only renewable resources as our raw materials. Not only that, but wherever possible we use alien species of trees such as wattle and eucalyptus.


We also use coconut shells, utilising the waste products from coconut farming. The rotary kiln used for steam activation is a self-sufficient system, only utilizing diesel upon start up. A great surplus of energy is produced during the activation process.


Our processes result in a net negative footprint, which is in contrast to carbons made from coal, peat, or lignite. The most common method of producing charcoal in South Africa is by fairly primitive methods involving open pits and stacking. These emit vast quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere.




Our process is designed to minimize the greenhouse gas emissions.

With the commitment of our entire organization we have been able to achieve the delicate balance addressed by the standard of maintaining profitability while reducing environmental impact.

Carbon and Processing Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a leader in gas-pyrolosis wood-engineered products, and recognizes and acknowledges its responsibilities for the environment, and for the safe-guarding and well- being of all those affected by its activities, products and services.

We believe in a clean, healthy and safe environment and subscribe to the concept of responsible stewardship and therefore seek to ensure a balance between economic, social and environmental responsibility.


Carbon and Processing Technologies is committed to:

  • Meeting the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation;
  • Monitoring performance by conducting regular systems audits and applying corrective management where necessary;
  • Striving for continuous improvement;
  • Creating environmental awareness amongst employees,
  • contractors and suppliers through training programs;
  • Involving suppliers, contractors and  customers in environmental initiatives;
  • Consulting and communicating with all relevant parties who share an interest in Carbon and Processing Technologies operations
  • Reviewing and updating policies, systems and procedures on a regular basis

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